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AFH  »  Objectives


By creating AFH according to the law n° 73-21 of April 14, 1973, the authorities intended to implement a new futuristic policy of urbanism and territorial planning.

In clear, The Agency seeks to achieve in the following missions:

  • To provide to the urban and housing sectors the necessary lands for large scale projects in order to face public and private demand, taking care at the same time of the reduction of production costs; 
  • To enhance the local quality of life through an appropriate urban environment that fits the authorities concern to modernize Tunisian cities in order to adapt them to the economic, cultural and social changes of the country; 
  • To help all the categories of the population, and particularly households with low and average incomes to accede to housing; 
  • To back up the municipalities efforts in the realization of their urban projects by setting up the necessary primary and secondary infrastructures; 
  • To take part in the national effort to keep the populations in their areas of origin by the realization of decentralized projects at the least cost; 
  • To back up the fight of the public administration against the anarchistic housing by implementing suitable re-housing programs.


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